benefits of a massage gun

Benefits of a massage gun .

What’s a Massage Gun: Expert Tips and Top Picks

Muscle aches getting you down? A massage gun can help you tackle them at the touch of a button! But how do they work and how do you choose the best one? Dermactiva is here to help…

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Muscle aches getting you down? Do you long to have your sore bits pummelled? Well, you don’t need a partner or a series of expensive treatments to get your wish – all you need is a great massage gun. And we’re here to help you choose the best one.

What is a massage gun?

A massage gun, also known as a percussion massager, uses rapid bursts of movement to vibrate and pummel muscles in a pretty aggressive but highly enjoyable way! They are generally loud, and extremely powerful, so many who are new to the idea are understandably wary. But once you’ve braved putting your body (what quite literally looks like) under the hammer, you won’t go back!
Massage guns work in a similar way to how a masseuse might vigorously pound muscles with their hands and wrists to increase blood flow to a pin-pointed area – which then helps to reduce inflammation and relieve muscle tension.

massage to reduce inflammation

Image by conscious design  massage to reduce inflammation

Are massage guns effective?

There are plenty of glowing real life anecdotes about massage guns, but what does the science say? So far, research looking specifically at massage gun therapy is limited. But there are some interesting studies exploring the effects of vibration therapy – which is essentially what using a massage gun is.
One 2014 study, published in the National Library of Medicine journal, indicated that not only does vibration therapy potentially relieve muscle damage known as delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), but it may also improve muscular strength, power development, kinesthetic awareness, decrease muscle soreness, increases range of motion, and increases blood flow under the skin, enhancing neuromuscular performance in athletes.

how to use a massage gun

Image by Caley Vanular   how to use a massage gun

Can a massage gun help me lose weight?

Although most people use their massage gun to relieve aching muscles, there is plenty of reasons it can be used it as a weight loss aid as well. The main being that vibration therapy stimulates the lymphatic system, which plays a huge role in the detoxification process, therefore helping the body rid itself of unwanted fat and increasing metabolism. But of course, this can only do so much and so should be used alongside a healthy diet and and regular exercise for best results.

massage gun for weight loss

Image by Huha Inc    massage gun for weight loss

Expert tips for using a massage gun

Want to get the most out of your new gadget? Here’s what Nolan Sunnassee, personal trainer and founder of Evolution Fitness says about best practice…

Massage Guns offer what is essentially percussion massage, which can be excellent for relaxation, rehabilitation and recovery. When I recommend them to clients, it’s usually for:

  • Post injury. A massage gun can help rehabilitate muscles back into peak performance by losing or breaking down scar tissue. 
  • Helping to improve or restore movement 
  • Assist in the movement of fluid around the body especially where stagnant. This improves repair of any damaged tissue.
  • Lengthening and mobilising tight muscles
  • Helping to relax any muscle spasms
  • Aiding recover from high intensity exercise or sport
  • Improving nervous system response through biofeedback stimulation 
  • Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest), as opposed to the flight or fight response
  • Lowering stress levels by improving blood flow
  • Easing back pain and discomfort in painful areas
ho to use a massage gun

  how to use a massage gun

How to use a massage gun

Once you’ve applied your massage cream or massage gel, it’s good to focus on an area of discomfort for 2-3 minutes, but you can build up to that. Start slowly and see how you’re feeling after a minute or so, avoiding placing the massage head directly onto painful sections of an injury or on bone. Never massage directly onto the spine or the neck.

You’ll find motions that work for you, like massaging in circular motions or up and down. If you play a sport or take part in an activity which uses localised muscle groups, such as cycling for quads, you’ll need to spend more time working on the muscle groups (in this case, each of the 4 quadriceps plus the hip flexors).

The best massage guns 2021

Ready to put a massage gun to the test? Here are our top picks…

Massage guns can be pretty loud, but this one isn’t so bad. In fact, Men’s Health magazine said it was quieter than all the others they tested on their recent run-down, by a long shot. Despite its stealth points, this one also packs a powerful pulse and is a dream to use on sore muscles.

Recovapro offers a gun that has a whopping 5 speed settings and 5 different heads to choose from. What’s more it’s a sturdy build for a handheld, so it’s a product that will last.

For something called ‘mini’, this massage gun isn’t actually that small. It is, however, a size and weight that is totally manageable for moving around - even with the dual head set up. Having two heads is often better than one, and the Mini Pro Thumper certainly impressed.

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