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The Best Women’s Footwear for Style AND Comfort! 

Functional footwear at its finest…

Ruby Deevoy

According to a review published in the BMJ open journal, chronic pain affects between one-third and one-half of the population of the UK – that’s just under 28 million adults. And much of this discomfort manifests as back and neck pain.
While there are a multitude of potential causes for back and neck problems, there is one simple thing that has been brought to our attention time and again as a common culprit across all ages: footwear. The shoes we wear, day in, day out, have a tremendous impact on our physical wellbeing, as if your feet aren’t properly supported then neither is the rest of your body. Think of it like the foundation of a building, where if weight is not properly distributed from the ground up, everything weakens and struggles as a result.

shoes for sore feet

Image by Dakota Krupp 

But, while many of us are aware that our choice of footwear might be presenting an issue, the idea of switching your favourite kicks up for something frumpy and functional is just a little too much to take.
Fortunately, that need not be the case. There are many functional footwear designers leading the shoe industry who have cottoned on to the fact that people crave shoes for comfort AND style. And, through innovative techniques, they have created a wide variety of fashion-forward options that not only look fantastic, but feel great too. The ideal shoes for sore feet!
So, if your back is complaining or your feet are aching, for any reason, it’s high time you treated yourself to a new pair of shoes designed to give your body the support it needs. If nothing else, because every single pair we’ve chosen for our functional footwear round-up are seasonal staples that are 100% on trend!

Bryson Boot, Unisex, £165 birkenstock.com
The Birkenstock brand are synonymous with comfort, thanks to their legendary cork footbed design with a deep heal cup, medial, lateral AND transversal longitudinal arch support – which essentially means that the wearer’s foot is gently help in a natural, healthy position. But as you can see from this leather lace-up boot, comfort does not come at the expense of style. We love this look for cooler months, and their classic pumps and sandals for summer too!

comfortable shoes

Image by Birkenstock   comfortable shoes 

Miracle Trainer, £179 solebliss.com
The name says it all! This really is a miracle trainer, available in a variety of designs including leopard print, star print, bronze leather, patent and classic black or white. You’d never guess by looking at them, but these are specifically handcrafted (in Italy) for bunions and wide feet. A strategically-positioned ‘stretch panel’ cushions and protects while allowing for extra space if needed. The insole is anatomically contoured and luxuriously padded too!

style and comfort

Image by Solebliss  style and comfort

Emily II, £135 callashoes.co.uk
If you thought heels were out of the question, think again. These beauties are super-glam (and available in a range of colours and finishes) with a 3.5 inch heel and a secret support platform that will hold your feet in such a way that you’ll forget you’re in dancing shoes! These are hand made by master shoemakers with a focus on comfort, despite appearances, making these the perfect heeled shoes for sore feet

Sexy and comfortable footwear

Image by Calla Shoes   Sexy and comfortable footwear

The Berrics CATIBA Pro, Unisex, £109, int.cariuma.com
Who doesn’t love a skate shoe? They look cute with everything, they’re sturdy and padded for impact on the board – and off. This design boasts a memory foam insole for the ultimate in comfort and the re-enforced triple stitch-work means they’re built to last. Check out the full range for a variety of looks.

Cool skater kicks

Image by Cariuma  Cool skater kicks

Lena Leather Loafers, £80, fitflop.com
One for the fans of the ultra-minimalist look! These leather loafers exude that French girl chic we all covet, making them the perfect day to night choice. Despite the sleek design, hidden inside is an anatomically contoured foot bed, enhanced toe cushioning and a durable slip-resistant outsole.

Shoes for aching feet

Image by FitFlop   Shoes for aching feet 

Tiffany STX Waterproof Boots, £174.95, uk.joyashoes.swiss
Looking for something that will keep your tootsies warm, dry and comfortable in freezing temperatures? These waterproof winter boots, with a cosy sheepskin trim and new ‘senso light sole’ will keep you snug and claim to provide optimum relief for your back muscles and joints. 

Cool, waterproof and comfortable

Image byJoya Shoes   Cool, waterproof and comfortable

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