The CBD Buyers Guide: CBD and Cannabis Seed Oil Topicals

Topical or transdermal? Skin care or muscle ease? Discover everything you need to know about buying cannabis based topical products for your best experience yet! 

Ruby Deevoy

New to CBD? You need our CBD buyers guide!

Gone are the days when CBD oil only came in the form of oral drops. Now, shelves are stocked (both virtual and on the high street) with an avalanche of offerings, from bath bombs and pillow sprays to chewing gum and lube! And knowing how to buy CBD to suit your needs can be tricky. 

But, did you know that making astute choices when figuring out how to buy topical CBD or how to buy cannabis seed oil based products [Warming Cream & Cooling Gel] is just as important as when buying the stuff you’re taking internally?

How to Buy Topical CBD: A CBD Buyers Guide

CBD and cannabis seed oil potency (and a clear indication of it) naturally plays an important part, as do the other ingredients used in the formulation. Knowing about the growing methods used to cultivate the plants used in the product also makes a huge difference. And then there’s figuring out what it is you actually need, to target areas of concern – do you need topical, or transdermal? What’s the difference? And how can you tell?
It may all seem confusing right now, but by the end of this CBD buyers guide on CBD and cannabis seed oil topicals you’ll have all the clear, concise information you need to be a savvy topical CBD shopper – and get the balm, cream, oil, spray or gel that really suits you best!

Topical Vs Transdermal

The first point in our CBD buyers guide is on understanding the difference between topical and transdermal products. Both topical skincare product and transdermal products, which work their way into deeper layers, are applied to the skin. 

Topical CBD and topical cannabis seed oil products can work wonderfully in different ways, but only transdermal formulations penetrate through the top three layers to have an affect on deeper tissues, like your muscles, and even further into your body.


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What Makes a Product Transdermal?

Over 350 chemicals (including certain terpenes, fatty acids and alcohols such as glycol) can be added to the mix to act as ‘transdermal permeation enhancers’, meaning they help ingredients like CBD go in. When you’re wondering how to buy CBD or how to buy a cannabis seed oil product with the confidence that you’re choosing topical or transdermal, it’s always worth asking the brand first to make sure you get the product that’s right for your needs.
If you’re hoping to use a CBD product as a skincare saviour, a CBD topical cream, CBD balm, CBD lotion or CBD face/body oil will do the job. We have cannabinoid receptors in almost every skin cell, so applying CBD directly to affected areas can have a direct and very quick effect.

Transdermal CBD and Cannabis Seed Oil Products Go Deeper

If you would like a CBD product that gets in a little deeper, reaching muscles, joints and even your bloodstream to some degree, opt for transdermal products like patches, permeating gel or creams with one or more of those transdermal permeation enhancers included in the mix.

In case you’re wondering….

Both Dermactiva creams are transdermal – meaning you can apply these extra strength cannabis seed based formulations to the surface of your skin and the effects will permeate and be felt deeply.

Is it Organic CBD or Cannabis?

You may have read about the importance of buying organic, 3rd party tested CBD and cannabis seed products in our article ‘Hemp Seed Oil Vs CBD Oil – What’s the Difference?’ and the same applies to external products.

Our second point our CBD buyers guide is: Always buy organic! No exceptions.


Photo by Christina Deravedisian on Unsplash 

Why Buy Organic Cannabis Products?

The impact of using non-organic cannabis derived products is unknown, but it’s unlikely to be good. The hemp (cannabis) plant is what’s known as a ‘biodynamic accumulator’ – meaning it will draw up whatever is in the soil. 

When grown using organic methods, this only enhances the nutritional value and mineral content. But when grown using chemicals and pesticides, or worse still, grown as a means to clean up soil contaminated with toxins before being churned out as cheap CBD or hemp seed oil, you will be ingesting all the nasties along with the natural cannabis content. 

Check for 3rd Party Testing

You definitely don’t want this sort of product going into your body, and you don’t want in going onto your skin either. It’s not worth the risk. Always buy organic. Always look for 3rd party lab reports which clearly indicate the purity of products.

Understanding Your CBD and Cannabis Needs

Everyone’s experience of cannabis is a little different, so it’s worth noting in our CBD buyers guide that you should try to understand your own needs first. 


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Know Your Needs

What is it you’re buying a CBD topical or transdermal product for? Do you know which area of the face or body you’re targeting and why? Moreover, do you know which products and ingredients are compatible with your skin and/or condition?

CBD and Cannabis Seed Oil Are Suitable for All Skin Types

Rest assured that both CBD and cannabis seed oil are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Why Buy Cannabis Seed Oil Products?

Cannabis seed oil is…

  • Highly soothing: Buy cannabis seed oil products for muscles, joints and skin
  • Non-comedogenic:This means it won’t clog your pores! 
  • Densely nutritious: It’s rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Why Buy CBD Oil Products?

CBD Oil is...

  • Full of Potential: Some studies suggest that CBD has great potential for use on oily, clogged or dry skin. 

Why Choose CBD or Cannabis Seed Oil?

Many cannabis-derived topical and transdermal products contain both of these hero ingredients, and there’s no reason not to use them together!

What’s Your Dose? Is Stronger CBD and Cannabis Seed Oil Better?

When it comes to aching muscles and joints, you might find your experience of CBD can be enhanced with a higher potency. Most people prefer at least 500mg of CBD or cannabis seed oil - Dermactiva products contain a whopping 2500mg of cannabis seed oil!

Bioavailability of CBD and Cannabis Seed Oil

The reason stronger is often found to better is because you can always expect to lose some of potency on the journey through the skin and body. This is called the rate of bioavailability and the same applies for all methods of dosing - topical, oral drops, capsules etc.

The Entourage Effect

You may notice superior results when supported by other parts of the cannabis plant too, such as other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found in full and broad spectrum products, as well as other soothing ingredients.

Look out for the inclusion of arnica, ginger, chillI, turmeric and boswellia, to name a few of nature’s finest! 

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