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Revive & Restore

Dermactiva Anti-Cellulite & Toning Gel 180g

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Dermactiva Anti-Cellulite and Toning Gel is expertly crafted to target problem areas. Our unique formulation combines a synergistic blend of botanical ingredients for maximum effect, delivering a visible and effective treatment. The refreshing and soothing elements of Menthol are enhanced by the skin smoothing, conditioning and protecting properties of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Coffee Arabica, Shea Butter, Horse Chestnut and Rose Hip Oil. To further amplify the toning results, we have added the all-powerful Centella Asiatica, Green Tea Extract and Horse Tail extracts, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalised. Experience the ultimate in skincare with Dermactiva, where our premium, natural ingredients work in harmony to help you achieve your desired results by combining the best of science and nature.  


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How does the Anti-Cellulite and toning gel work? Massaging the gel on to affected areas helpes to activate the lymphatic system and reduces blood flow to the affected site, helping to constric vessles in a natural way.
What are the benefits of using the anti-cellulite and toning gel? Our unique and proprietory blend of botanical ingredients have been for maximum effect, delivering a visible and effective treatment. 

When should you use Dermactiva's anti-cellulite and toning gel? We recommend daily use as part of your wellness routine. 

Can i use the anti-cellulite and toning gel during pregnancy? We would always recommend checking with your healthcare professional, this is why we have carefully listed the ingredients. 

How soon does the Dermactiva anti-cellulite and toning gel work? Depending on the level of troublesome areas, with daily use you can see positive visible effects from a couple of weeks to a month or longer.  

Are Hemp creams safe? This will depend wholly on the manufacturer adhering to the strict guidelines for cosmetic use and traceable content of the products. We are proud to excel in both of these areas and have published our Certificate of Analysis and Organic Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil certifications.

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