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Colombian wildlife and nature 

20 reasons to visit Colombia

Escape the cold and adventure to the most colourful and spiciest of destinations! 

Claudia Avila-Batchelor

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colombian girl with flag 


Never in the history of travel has a country been associated with such welcoming, kind and warm hosts, where everything is always offered 'con mucho gusto.’

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happy Colombian people 


Colombians have been voted the cheeriest of people in the global ‘happiness index’ for the past several years.

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Photo by Claudia Batchelor  -   Indigenous people in Colombia 


With a base of hundreds of indigenous groups and many other diverse cultures mixed in, Colombians make a glorious rainbow of every skin hue imaginable.

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Hummingbirds, national bird of Colombia 


Colombia is the second most biodiverse country on the planet, with thousands of species flourishing in its fertile land. A nature lover’s paradise, it also has habitats, including Paramos, which do not exist anywhere else.

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Photo by Claudia Batchelor - Cartagena carnival dancers 


With 20 public holidays, there is reason to celebrate almost every month/day/moment. ‘Las Novenas’ are an excuse to gather with friends, family, a little salsa and aguardiente nine days head of Christmas, when the REAL celebrations begin…

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Photo by Claudia Batchelor - Colombian gastronomy 


From street food to Michelin-starred dining, there’s a mouthwatering abundance of gastronomy to suit every palate. Globally recognised chefs include the uniquely mesmerising Leo Espinosa at her namesake Leo Restaurant in Bogota, which has been ranked at no.46 in the world’s best, and the wildly creative Carmen Angel at Carmen in Cartagena for not-to-be-missed dining experiences. 

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Colombian LGTBQ rights 


Colombia is one of four of the leading countries in Latin America that has legalised same sex marriage, and leads the way in pushing for rights for ALL its people, including having over 50% of the female workforce in Director positions.

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Colombia, capital of extreme sports 


Excitement is the country’s middle name, and with such varying terrain, the opportunities to feed your adrenaline junkie needs are endless. A visit to the Chicamocha canyon- the second largest in the world- will reward you with world-class activities such as hiking, paragliding, rappelling, caving, rafting and cycling. Many world champions including home grown talent Egan Bernal and Nairo Quintano still continue to train in the incredible mountains of the country. 

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Image by Lukas K Stiller - Valentin Rodrigez Colombian Kiteboarding champion 


The nation’s adrenaline nuts don’t just kiteboard on the sea. They do it at 1500m altitude in Lago Calima. And when the clouds descend, you can smell heaven and feel embraced by misty angels. One of the top riders, Red Bull sponsored and World Champion by the age of 18 is the incredible Valentin Rodrigez who hails from Cali, close to lake Calima. 

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Photo by Claudia Batchelor  - Street art in Medellin


Colombia’s dramatic history has kept it somewhat isolated, which has resulted in very few external influences. This has made its creative arts infinitely authentic and fiercely nationalistic in a positive sense of the word. Artbo is an annual exhibition on the par with Frieze that showcases the best of the planet’s creative talent, alongside Colombian masters.

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Photo by Claudia Batchelor - Spectacular coffee region colombia


We provide the world with the best morning go-faster juice! The ‘Coffee region’ is a green and lush paradise that rightly deserves a place on the ‘must visit’ list of stunning places to check out. 

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Photo by Claudia Batchelor - Colombian wax palms 


The uniquely Colombian wax palm, stunning orchid, majestic condor and enigmatic jaguar perfectly symbolise our character: stoic, colourful, hardy and powerful. The Wax Palm is also endemic to Colombia and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 

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Photo by Claudia Batchelor - Gold adornments of a Colombian Cacique 


This captivating legend was inspired by the Muisca tribe in the highlands of the country, whose chief was said to cover himself in gold dust and make offerings to his tribe’s god by throwing the precious metal and jewels into Lake Guatavita. The Gold Museum in Bogota displays the world’s largest pre-Columbian collection of incredibly delicate and beautifully crafted objects that were pillaged by the invading conquistadors. 

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Emerald from Muzo mine


Colombia is the leading producer of emeralds in the world, in addition to huge quantities of gold, silver, platinum and many other precious metals and natural resources. The best emeralds are said to be from the Muzo mines, known for their exquisite and flawless stones. 

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Photo by Claudia Batchelor - Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira Colombia 


Built in the early 1950’s this colossal underground place of pilgrimage was originally used by the local miners. Around 60km outside the capital Bogota, the cathedral has been created entirely out of salt, in the mines which had already been used by native peoples hundreds of years before. The architecture is a work of art and ingenuity, and no words can convey the wondrous elements, 200m deep underground. There is literally nowhere else like it on earth. 

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The Lost City of Colombia 


The perfectly preserved lost city in the north of the country was ‘discovered’ in 1972 by treasure looters, however the Tairona people’s descendants were always aware of their heritage and kept the location of Teyuna secret from the Spanish invaders. Founded in 800 CE, the Lost City is 650 years older than Macchu Picchu and continues to be protected by the Kogui natives, who believe in Teyuna’s energy as the ‘lungs of the world.’ 

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Photo by Claudia Batchelor - Guatape Colombia 


Controversially built as a result of a dam, the subsequent beautiful landscape has been compared to the Swiss lakes. Best viewed from a 650m natural giant rock platform, its worth the trip from Medellin, along breathtaking countryside. 

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Photo by Paola Galimberti - Tatacoa desert Colombia 


Colombia has an excess of natural resources, heritage and beauty. Surrounded by both Pacific and Caribbean coasts, vast deserts in the north, endless plains to the east, the titan Andes and captivating Amazon to the south, there are not enough days to explore it all. But if you’re into nature, gastronomy, sports, culture, music, gastronomy and more, Galavanta Travel have your every desire covered. 

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Old and new Cartagena architecture 


Rising from the ashes of slavery and the inquisition, Cartagena is an architectural dream, having been preserved in its 16th century splendour. Chic and culturally diverse, its equally a place to immerse yourself in history as it is in its tempting pleasure and party vibes. Get the best of city and beach action by staying at the boutique Townhouse and sister establishment Blue Apple beach house which you can only access by private boat transfer. 

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Photo by Claudia Batchelor - Spectacular Colombian beaches  


And we have over 300 of them!