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10 Amazing things about lockdown (Yes, really!) 

The world has seemed a darker place of late, but we’re here for you with our top ten reasons to look for the positive win.

Claudia Avila-Batchelor

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in and out of lockdown for less than a year. Life seems to have stood still in this unsettling limbo, yet somehow the drastic change to normality and isolation away from friends and loved ones feels like it’s been with us forever. And while its easier to succumb to the negative, it’s far more beneficial for your mind, body and soul to bathe yourself in positivity - even in small ways. Tiny steps are the start of a long journey, so let’s do this together… 


No commuting. Bonus! No more being stuck under someone’s armpit in a packed, filthy bus, train or tube or having to endure other people’s gross habits of them eating a smelly burger or falling asleep and dribbling on you. No commute means several hours extra free a week, which can be spent learning something new, studying for that job/career you really wanted, or bingeing on a favourite box set or series. 

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More free classes! Be it getting physical with Joe Wicks, music lessons with Myleene Klass or a cooking tutorial with a high profile chef, there are hundreds of free activities you can undertake from the comfort of your own sofa.


Less commuting and travel of course means less pollution. Mother nature thanks you, other living creatures will thrive and your own health will blossom. Combine that with taking up nurturing your own seeds in an indoor garden or a getting serious about your own back yard botany, and you will reap the joys of nature without leaving home.   

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We appreciate that many people are struggling financially right now (if you are, there are a few places where financial support can be requested or helped to manage). But, for those of us still blessed to be working, we are (hopefully) spending less money and in turn can better support loved ones, friends and local businesses with more thoughtful and sustainable purchases. And it’s worth remembering that health is wealth… that is the most priceless asset we own.

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Most of us are riding through similar challenges, so we can use the power of social media and digi-comms to spend time remotely with family, friends, loved ones or support communities. Being alone doesn’t mean being totally isolated so make those calls and send those messages! Tell someone you love them today, share how you are feeling, or simply check in to see how they are. The reciprocity in lifting one another’s spirits is as important as it is valuable.  


Its not summer! At least a lockdown in winter means we are less likely to want to go out in bone chilling weather, and there is no FOMO about picnics in the park or drinks in a pub garden. Make like a hedgehog and hibernate by making your home as warm and cosy as can be. Nothing good will come of being outside!  


We will be out of the other side soon(ish). And in evolutionary terms, it’s a fact that going through collective trauma also brings about positive growth. We can therefore hope to become better as human beings and ready to take on our new normal in ways that are kinder to one another and our planet. 

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Volunteer/do something for your community. Whether it’s online chats to the elderly, working on a community garden, sewing masks for care homes or simply clearing out things that you no longer use to donate to others in need, there are hundreds of ways we can all feel useful and connected. And, doing something kind for others will reward you with crazy good feelings.

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Photo by Les Triconautes

Get creative! Paint, sing, knit, make some puppets - do anything that adds colour to your life. Studies have shown that being creative calms stress and boosts the feel-good endorphins in our bodies. The bonus is that we are more relaxed when we are creative, immunity and cognitive reasoning increases, positive hormones make us radiant and we can generally sleep better as a result too.

Muhammad Ali

CHILLAX!!  Freedom IS within touching distance. And until then, no one will judge you if you stay in your jammies all day, eat chocolate for breakfast or have wine at 1pm. So indulge yourself guilt-free and do what YOU need to do to get through this. Because, as the inspiring and iconic champion Muhammad Ali once said, “Every day is different, and some days are better than others, but no matter how challenging the day, I get up and live it.” 

So, if lockdown starts to get too much… face it full on and punch that sucker down! 

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