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Photo courtesy of Claudia Avila-Batchelor

Our Story

We have spent three years checking out CBD and Cannabis brands from all over the world so you don’t have to! And all in the name of creating the best product for you. Dermactiva is a labour of love, powered by nature and science, and delivered by respected, award-winning professionals. 

Dermactiva was created using almost 30 years of experience and heritage from Hernan Patiño’s proven base product, using certified Organic Cannabis Sativa Oil. Having thoroughly tested tens of products from all corners of the planet, we were fortunate in eventually finding our Colombian supplier, without knowing that he’d had almost three decades of tried and tested legal research expertise - a unique position in the CBD market today. You can read more about Herman’s story here, but in the mean time here is a snapshot of Dermactiva’s journey to the UK.

We keep searching for the best products because we trust in the profound results from our professional suppliers. Why settle for anything less?


1- Exporting Cannabis products from Colombia during a pandemic: (filed under the ‘are we really doing this?’ book for crazy people.) We won’t bore you with the details- suffice to say it’s been an epic journey. But we stayed the course even as Colombia shut its borders completely for six months, because we have 100% belief in our product. And the positive thing is that precisely because we had to jump through many, many, many legal, professional and industry standard hoops, this means that what it says on our packaging is what will be going on to your skin and nothing else. 

2- Finding the right product: We tried myriad products from almost every continent, so it was  serendipitous that our key base ingredient was the Colombian product we found to be the best in terms of efficacy and consistency. We immediately got to work with the incredible team in Medellín on our own unique formula, using the best plant based ingredients for maximum results. 

3- Quality Control: We provide accurate product information by using an INDEPENDENT third party in the UK to verify our product, from ingredient checking through to testing and registration. More details can be found here, and our ‘Certifications & Memberships’ link in our footer. 

4- Ensuring consistent quality: This year in particular has been particularly difficult for many businesses. With that in mind we know that any products we develop must be done so in collaboration with suppliers who have stability and heritage, and who can continue to deliver our products to the standards we have established. Not just from ourselves, but also following the Good Practice guidelines from the UK and European Cosmetic Association and the Cannabis Trades Association, both responsible for industry standards and consumer protection. 

5- Fun Fact: The warming cream and cooling gel pack colours were inspired by Colombian sunsets in ‘La Guajira,’ a breathtaking desert area on the north east peninsula, and the stunning azure waters of the Caribbean coast.

Thank you for being part of our story!

Janice & Claudia
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25 years of wisdom and heritage

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Wellness is in your hands

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Dermactiva was created using over 25 years of wisdom and heritage from Herman Patiño’s proven base product, using certified Organic Cannabis Sativa Oil.

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